Combat Selling

Successful salespeople have a lot in common with great soldiers. They’re courageous, they’re full of initiative and self-belief, and they possess a refuse-to-lose attitude under intense pressure. While the people on your team don’t need military experience to deliver stellar results, you can help them reach their highest potential by applying the principles of combat training to the sales environment. Combat Selling will teach you proven techniques such as: Offensive action. Continually create and build momentum to field opportunities, win new customers, and defeat your rivals. Concentrating resources. Position your teams among the most lucrative and qualified buyers. Competitive readiness. Give your teams the weapons they need to triumph in a tough marketplace. Unity of command. Make sure your command structure leaves no room for confusion, with individuals at all levels understanding who has authority over what. Economy of effort. Win battles intelligently by making the best use of the people you’ve got. Your leadership is critical to the success of your sales team. If you want to win more accounts and thrive in a global economy, Combat Selling will give you the tools you need for victory on the sales battlefield.